Trina Sette

Responsibility + Accountability = Success

Responsibility + Accountability = Success

with Trina Sette

Trina’s transformational “R.A.S. Formula” is available as a Keynote Speech or in an interactive Workshop format. Trina delivers actionable knowledge and proven tools for success with the personal experiences and story to back it up. She delivers more than just knowledge and tools though, Trina leaves her audience with the belief that they too can apply her work & create real results with actionable steps and accountability. 

It’s about what your audience does after the training. The tools you have do not define success. The tools you use, do.

Our accountability ensures your audience creates new long term habits for productivity and success.

Experiential Training

In this interactive presentation, Trina will show your team how they can use the “R.A.S. Formula” (Responsibility + Accountability = Success) to accelerate their performance, measure their success and progress, and keep them engaged.

Results that extend beyond the training room

Trina empowers her audience to take 100% responsibility for their results so they can reach their goals in their professional and personal lives. She gives them simple, easy to apply accountability success tools that will increase the likelihood of reaching their goals to 95%. Success comes from the combination of responsibility and accountability that Trina will share with your team! 


“I hired Trina to speak at our annual summit and she was EXACTLY what we were looking for! She captivated the audience with her interactive style and humor, but more importantly, they walked away with applicable tools that they can use on a daily basis!”

Jake Ballentine

Founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network

“Trina uses a masterful combination of auditory, kinesthetic and visualization modalities to successfully reach all types of learners. Trina teaches how taking responsibility for your life and career, in combination with working with an accountability partner will get you the success you are looking for both individually and within your company. I highly encourage you to work with Trina Sette.”

Jack Canfield

New York Times best-selling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, The Success Principles, Speaker and Chairman, The Canfield Training Group

“I just saw Trina speak. I felt like there was a lot of drive and care that she has for her clients. If I were choosing, it would definitely be with her.”

John Lalone

Production Manager, Nabisco Corp.

Trina Sette is the founder of Go for Goals Accountability Partner Services.

She started the company after spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the personal development world when she discovered the one thing that stood out helping to get her from where she was to where she currently is, was her daily accountability partner calls.

Go for Goals Accountability Partner Services is the international leader in providing professional accountability partners to people who want to achieve massive success in any area of their lives.

Trina is the author of the upcoming book “My Life With Jack” about her experiences working with Jack Canfield (Founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul, and author of The Success Principles). She speaks publicly about the benefits of the “R.A.S. Formula” (Responsibility + Accountability = Success) and is the host of the annual “Live, Love, Laugh, Ladies Retreat” in Costa Rica.

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