Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level with Accountability Partner Services

Increase Client Results. Increase Client Retention.

Keep your clients on track with daily accountability calls and massively increase the results.

Daily Accountability.

Your clients will receive a 5 minute accountability call Monday through Friday.

Confidential and Secure.

Our specialists deliver world class accountability calls. We do not sell, promote, or market anything to your clients.

Imagine your coaching clients showing up to every meeting with their task list complete.

Have you ever started a coaching call to find that your client had made almost no progress on their current goals? Those calls are frustrating for you and frustrating for the client. Daily accountability will keep your clients on task and #GettingShitDone!

How does professional accountability work?

Step 1: Intake Call

We explain the accountability process and introduce your client to their Accountability Partner Specialist. We can tailor the intake process based on your specific needs to help you best serve your clients.

Step 2: Schedule Your Accountability Calls

Your client will pick the best time for their daily accountability call! These calls are only 5 minutes, and they are totally focused on your client!

Step 3: Pick Up the Phone

All your client has to do is pick up the phone! And complete their task list of course, but knowing that call is coming in the morning will ensure that task list is complete!

Hi, I’m Trina Sette, Founder of Accountability Partner Services.

As Coaches and Trainers, we already know the power of accountability. We build it into our weekly calls with clients. We also know that having a daily accountability partner ourselves is what really catapulted us to success.

As someone who has a coach and a mastermind group, I find that I am like most of my clients, waiting almost to the last possible minute to do what I had said I was going to do before the next call. Not that is wasn’t important, but because life got in the way and I forgot. As the time came closer to my call, I would suddenly be in “oh shit” mode and racing to complete my goals before the call.

The reason most people have coaches and trainers is because they want to do more, and be better. It is not a necessity; it is really looked on as a luxury. So in the busy day to day world of work and family, friends and pets, vacations and crisis, often the luxury of bettering ourselves gets put to the side. Not because we don’t want to do better, be better, but because honestly, we just forgot.

Our Reticular Activating System does not get activated until it is time for our next call.

I created Go for Goals Accountability Partner Services after the realization that without my daily accountability calls with my partner there was no way I would have gotten all the things done I did this year.

Since leaving Breakthrough to Success with Jack Canfield last April, 2017 I have completed my online certification, also live certification in the Success Principles and Canfield Methodology. I completed Winning at the Game of Money with John Assaraf, walked on fire with Tony Robbins and assisted at 3 of Jack Canfield events. I also have written a book that is with the editor, hired an excellent coach, joined a paid mastermind group, started working on a documentary, Confessions of a Weight Loss Consultant featuring myself and Jack Canfield as I go through my weight transformation using personal development skills. And most recently, launching Go for Goals Accountability Partner Services.

Daily 5 minute calls with my partner kept me on track. Reminded me daily of my goals. I have a client who calls this the 3rd piece of the trifecta. Mixing Coaching, Mastermind Calls and Daily Accountability calls will propel your clients to greater success much faster, which creates more value to you, the Coach/Trainer.

You don’t have to use this with all of your clients, just the ones you really want to succeed!


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