If you finished your task list every day for a month, how much closer would you be to your goals?

If that was possible with just a 5-minute call… would you pick up the phone?

Imagine – going to bed every night with your task list completed.

Accountability Partner Services can make that a reality. Our 5 minute accountability calls will help you get on track, stay on track, and be more productive. There is a reason highly successful business people have accountability partners. Are you ready to see why?

Accountability Partner Services

The whole premise of Accountability Partner Services is to help line you up with your purpose, whether it be for the week, the month or the year. We all have the need or desire to #GetStuffDone and with the business of the world today and the constant interruption of thoughts from our friends, families, co-workers, fur-babies, bosses, or social media, we tend to be distracted and not accomplish our task lists, even with great intentions, coaching sessions or events.

5 days a week, 5 minutes a day

You are 95% more likely to #GetStuffDone with an accountability partner… for only 25 minutes per week.

Real People, Real Accountability

No apps. No emails. No gimmicks. You will be accountable to a real person, telling them what you really got done.

Focused on your success

Imagine starting every day talking to someone excited and supportive of your goals!


Real accountability with a focus on what was good. No complaining, blaming or excuses.

Are DISTRACTIONS and INTERRUPTIONS holding you back?

You are in the right place if…

You have a BIG VISION, but you haven’t taken ACTION to move forward.

You are ready to FOCUS until you reach your GOAL.

You know you can ACCOMPLISH MORE throughout the day!

You struggle to FOLLOW THROUGH on your commitments.

You are READY to commit to your GROWTH!

You are ready to stop talking about what you want to do and START DOING IT!

Meet Trina Sette

Founder of Go For Goals Professional Accountability Sevices

  • 9 years experience as a professional accountability partner
  • Certified Trainer with Jack Canfields Success Principles and Methodology creating Safe Space
  • Helped thousands of people achieve their goals

What are people saying about their results?

Having Trina for an accountability coach has given me the extra umph I needed to get the baby steps done.  Big goals take lots of little steps that don’t seem as grand until you realize it’s the little steps that get you where you are going.

Connie Tyree

Manager Rail Rates and Administration, Perdue AgriBusiness

I’m finding that having daily written objectives along with receiving an accountability call the following day has greatly improved my focus and clarity.  This empowers me to accomplish more each day!

Scott Fowler

Owner at Scott Fowler Construction L.L.C.

What a brilliant service!  Short, sweet  and on point accountability just for you!  You’ve got a partner without the baggage that hinders progress.  Confess what you didn’t get done yesterday, list what you will do today and add on.  Five minutes, five points,  five steps toward your goals with a cheerful voice on the line encouraging YOU to be 100% responsible for your success!

Elizabeth G. Stephenson

President, Second Star Inc., Owner and Facilitator of EWE-Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo

From cleaning out the garage to starting a business… Your Professional Accountability Partner will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Professional Accountability Partners are perfect for…

Self Employed Professionals

Being your own boss can be challenging. Professional accountability can help you get on track and stay on track!

NEtwork Marketers

Joining a network marketing company may be the best decision you ever made, as long as you have an accountability partner by your side!

Aspiring Authors

You know the best way to write a book… Just start! An accountability partner will keep you on track writing chapter after chapter and getting the content done in record time!

keeping momentum after a seminar or event

If you have attended a motivational or peak performance event, you know that the speaker wants you to leave with an accountability partner! Momentum is hard to hold on to. Your accountability partner will help keep you inspired and get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Meeting your health and fitness goals

We all have fitness goals… until someone shows up with Pizza! Your accountability partner will help you stay on the right course!


anyone with a goal

Whether you want to change the world or just change yourself… Holding yourself accountable is the first step to creating that change.

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  • Initial Strategy Coaching Session (valued at $300)
  • Professionally Trained Accountability Partner 
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals Formula to Keep You Focused
  • Five Accountability Calls Monday - Friday
  • Your Choice Of When TO Schedule The Call
  • No Judgment 
  • 5 Minute Call
  • Daily Objective
  • Greater Focus
  • Improved Clarity