Network Marketing Companies create more millionaires than any other industry… so why do most people lose money after joining one?


Because being your own boss means holding yourself accountable.


What if the difference between success and failure was just a 5 minute phone call to start the day?

It's time to #getshitdone

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No matter what industry you are in… Accountability creates success.

The key to being your own boss is so simple, so easy, that you will wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!

I Joined a Network Marketing Company…Now What?

I’m Trina Sette, founder of Accountability Partner Services.

I did it, took the plunge and signed on the dotted line. I am on fire! I am going to sign up all of my friends and my family and I know my mom is going to love this and how about my cousin with all the kids? I know she needs this and it will literally change her life!!

My sponsor gave me a list of things to do in the first 30 days, I got this. I made a list of everyone I knew and started calling. I did not even have my kit yet but I did not need it. Who would not sign up for this stuff?? It is fantastic!

Day two…. What have I gotten myself into? Every person I call tells me I am in some sort of pyramid scheme. Even my mom, and she has been super supportive my whole life!

Day three…I just don’t think this is for me. What was I thinking? I know these are great products but who am I to sell them. I am not a sales person. I don’t want to do this anymore.

Sound familiar? Me too. I signed up for 8 network marketing companies. Yes, I said 8. I was a single mom, waitressing and come from a family of business owners. It was in my blood to have my own business but I did not have the money to do it on my own.

Network Marketing is a great way to start your own business, be independent and make fantastic money. People all around us are doing it right now.

According to Les Brown, there are more millionaires made in Network Marketing than in any other industry. Why not me?

I will tell you why not. Because I had no idea how to be my own boss. That is it. I went to work because if I did not I would get fired and not get paid.

But nobody was going to fire me from a Network Marketing Company! So if I wanted to go out with my friends instead of contacting leads I did.

You are in the right place if…

You are serious about your SUCCESS and nothing will stop you.

You are done making excuses and you are ready to take ACTION.

You are willing to step outside your comfort zone and ACCOMPLISH MORE.

Imagine if you did just 5 things a day to ensure you were successful? You probably know what those 5 actions are already… so why have you not been completing them every day?


Imagine where you would be one month from now if you completed those 5 actions every day… Accountability Partner Services can help make that dream a reality.

I tried the Network Marketing World when I was 21 before I learned about the power of accountability.

So imagine…I was 21 years old and I am 49 now. Imagine where I would be if I had an accountability partner helping me thorough those early days at Mary Kay? Or Herbalife? Or It Works?
Imagine if I had done just 5 things a day to ensure I was successful? Driving that Cadillac, or off on an island vacation with the Presidential Diamonds? Imagine the college funds that could have happened for my daughter and the people I would have met! My life would have been very different I am sure. Not that I am complaining, I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now, writing this letter to you so that you can understand just how amazing life can be with an accountability partner.

Not a boss but someone I trust has my best interest at heart and reminds me daily, encourages me to go for goals, and get shit done. Keeps me on track and makes sure I succeed at my dreams, because that’s what they are, Mine.

If you would like an extremely affordable way to help you get to your goals with your network marketing company, or you would like to gift someone struggling in your downline with a month of calls, I can help.

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