What happened to your big dream when you became a stay at home mom?

Sometimes it feels like we have to choose between our family and our goals, and if you are like millions of other mothers you probably put your family first.

What if you could have both, even if you didn’t have any extra time?

It's time to #getshitdone

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Big Dreams? Sometimes I barely sleep!

How am I supposed to get everything done?

I’m Trina Sette, founder of Accountability Partner Services.

Being a stay at home mom these days is anything but easy, though many people think it’s a sweet deal. I know my friend’s husband sure did. I heard about it from a lot of my friends. I was a single mom and one of the only in our group so they would often take turns babysitting my daughter for me.

I remember showing up one day at my friend Tammy’s and seeing her at her wit’s end. The laundry was overflowing and the dishes needed doing and the baby just dumped over the paint bucket she was using to touch up the bathroom. Quite the scene if you can imagine.

I heard story after story similar to Tammy’s. Too much to do, not enough time, their husbands around only at night sometimes giving them a few minutes for some free time for a bath because they were tired and it was all they could do to get in bed exhausted by 10 pm to get up and do it all again the next day.

Does it feel like you don’t have time for yourself?

You are in the right place if…

You have BIG GOALS, but you haven’t found the time to work on them.

You are always dealing with what is urgent instead of what is IMPORTANT.

You know you can ACCOMPLISH MORE throughout the day!

If this sounds like your life, I might just have an answer for you. What is your dream? What is your goal? What is it you want most right now?


Whether your dream is a date night out or building a business… Accountability Partner Services can help make that dream a reality.

With Accountability Partner Services you set the goal and create 5 things a day you can do to reach that goal. Let’s say your goal is to have an organized home. That is a pretty great goal. I just helped a client accomplish that. It did take 3 months but her life is so much more comfortable.
We broke it down into small manageable goals and did five things a day to make it happen. Day one was just to create an action plan for each area of her home. Day 2 she cleaned out 2 drawers and a table top. Day 3 was 2 more drawers and a bag of goodwill clothing. Day 4 she spent 30 minutes on a closet and the same for day 5. By the end of the week she could see her dining room again! She was ecstatic! Once the goal is manageable, it’s easy to achieve with daily accountability calls to keep you on track.

The feeling of accomplishment goes far with stay at home mom’s. I believe it stimulates your feel good about yourself because you got stuff done hormone. And let’s face it, we all want to feel good!

For help with accomplishing your goals, whether its to write a book or take a vacation, clean out the garage or start a mommy and me club, Accountability Partner Services is here for you!

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