Trina’s List

Each of the individuals on this list are here because they inspired and empowered me to do better and be better personally and/or professionally and I wanted to share their expertise with you!  I receive no commission or affiliate fee for these service offerings.

Hi Friends!

It has been a dream of mine to have Trina’s List.  I wanted a comprehensive place where resources were listed and made available to everyone in an easy to understand format.  While I am working on that, my personal development referral list, I am excited to bring you this first, as a preview. Everyone on this list has had a huge impact on my development and were instrumental in getting me from “Free to Freedom” Starting with Jack Canfields’ 100% free 10-day video coaching (because that is what I could afford) that Rocked my World, to hiring Jake Ballentine as my personal coach.  

Jack Canfield – 10 Day Transformation

Creator of NYT Bestselling Book Chicken Soup for the Soul and America’s #1 Success Coach.

Get 10 Days of Free Training and Discover the Path to Living the Life of Your Dreams through Jack’s Proven Principles for Success.

Lanette Pottle – Success Strategist

Lanette is a co-author of Success University For Women In Leadership and is Founder & Host of Positivity Nation. In addition to facilitating powerful results for her clients, she is known for her authenticity, commitment to building meaningful relationships and down-to-earth style.

Jake Ballentine – Speaker and Coach

Jake Ballentine is the author of “Your Number One Goal,” a contributing author in Jack Canfield’s “Living the Success Principles” and the founder of The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network. He is a national award winning motivational speaker who has presented at hundreds of events nation-wide.

Angie Knierim – Business Strategy Expert

Angie empowers her clients in a Strategic Planning Intensive to build a simple, flexible, visual RoadMAP, a clear process to confidently manage their RoadMap and follow-on coaching to support their success!

Angie has over 20 years of demonstrated experience building high-performing teams, leading Operations, IT and R&D Projects and Programs.

Joyce Downs – HR Consultant for Small Business

Joyce has worked with a diverse client group ranging from small start-up companies to fortune 50 corporations in her 25 years of human resource experience. She is an expert at creating a values-driven culture with her clients to increase productivity, create a culture of inclusion, improve performance, boost profits and create high-performing teams.

Bryan Mannion – Business Strategist and Website Design

Bryan takes a holistic approach to web design that includes business coaching and sales strategy. Your website must align with your business model, sales strategy, target audience, and designed with your financial goal in mind to truly be the business tool you need.